forty before forty.

in october of 2011 i sat down with a pen, a piece of paper, and the beginnings of a dream.

i made a list.

a list of all the little and the not so little things i always wanted to do and determined i would knock them off – one by one – before my thirtieth birthday. i challenged myself to properly do up the final years of my twenties. to make some noise. to live a little louder.


and then i did.


for the remainder of my roaring twenties i did the damn thing. i demolished nearly everything i set out to do plus a crap ton of other fun stuff that came up throughout the years.


i traveled.

i raced.

i prayed.

i volunteered.


i found myself with my size sevens off the ground in hot air balloons, hanging from trapeze bars, and on the aerial yoga silks. i rode motorcycles, rollercoasters, and a mechanical bull in vegas.


i stripped down.

i wo-maned up.

i had the time of my life.


so here i am… a few years and a couple of kids later… firmly planted in my mid-thirties…. ready to rock again.


my list looks a little different the second time around. i will be tackling some of it with my kiddos, some of it with my mister, and some of it – like last time – i have to conquer on my own. and just like the first time i am bringing everyone who cares to join me along for the ride.

you guys ready to do this again?


here we go… forty before forty…

  1. play paintball
  2. learn one song on the acoustic guitar
  3. see niagara falls
  4. attend a mets home opener
  5. family dna tests
  6. complete a 52 hike challenge
  7. photograph storm king
  8. complete the 1,000 books challenge for the kids
  9. dine in the dark
  10. bake a perfect cheesecake
  11. get an awesome unicorn tattoo
  12. run my second marathon
  13. have an epic food fight
  14. backyard ice skating
  15. chow down at chowder or oyster fest
  16. watch the race of gentleman
  17. rock a music festival as a family
  18. spend the night at the hotel bethlem at christmas time
  19. tour the crayola factory
  20. ride in a helicopter
  21. check out the sandy hook army base
  22. see the sakura matsuri in brooklyn
  23. take in a show at the red rock amphitheatre
  24. crochet a temperature blanket
  25. witness sunrise over the grand canyon with my husband
  26. eat live fish at sik gaek
  27. blow glass
  28. watch a burlesque show
  29. enjoy a gazillion bubbles
  30. complete our springsteen vinyl collection
  31. visit all the new jersey lighthouses
  32. bet on horses at the racetrack
  33. visit wild west city
  34. make lentil kofte
  35. sew halloween costumes for the kids
  36. drive our own boat on longwood lake
  37. fish for tuna
  38. campout in the backyard
  39. walk grounds for sculpture
  40. relax