living life louder.

i was never a girl to take the easy route, follow a clear path, or go with the flow. my lessons are learned the hard way. i root for the mets.


i believe a party can blossom into an event by adding costumes. concerts become epic when you rock by the stage. herbs taste more delicious when grown in your yard. and mostly, i believe in mascara. shit tons of mascara.


life is better with more pizazz.


in april of 2000, the famous “more cowbell” skit was performed on saturday night live. a record producer insisted blue oyster cult, add a “little more cowbell.” he was right. the music sounded so much sweeter with that extra somethin’ somethin’.


it is my mission to incorporate more cowbell, to add that extra je ne sais quoian intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive. into everything i do.


searching for milkshakes in palestine, wearing a tutu to climb a lighthouse in the pouring rain, skipping dinner to watch the sunset in paris with strangers; those are the good parts… the cowbell parts of life.


i vow to use my portion of the interweb to share these moments. i hope you keep coming back to read about my journey, discover something new, and maybe become inspired to live life a little louder.

danielle marie


the people i met, memories i made, and adventures i had while writing (and living) my-roaring-twenties saved my soul. finding myself in the dawn of my thirties, i vow to keep writing, keep dreaming, and keep living an unapologetic life.

countries visited

miles raced

concerts rocked

monthly milkshakes

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my photography is bold, colorful, and all over the map – just like my life! the soul of the world lies in the details. i am on a perpetual quest to uncover and share the spirit of the people and places around me. i am available to capture memories and create lasting images of your family and your story.


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