flip it and reverse it


kinnelon, nj

words from laura:

“This is actually my favorite photo from the shoot (headstand photo), because you can see the “S” curve of the scoliosis in my back. When Danielle first suggested doing headstand, I said I was hesitant… because I had seen a picture of myself doing it years ago and hated seeing how deformed I looked in it. She said, “It’s not as noticeable as you think,” and encouraged me to do it anyway… telling me no one else would ever have to see the photo if I didn’t like it (but a big part of the issue was just ME having to see it and face something that I try to avoid…). I’ve been trying to embrace this aspect of myself for years. Somehow in this photo I can see it and finally appreciate it as a knot in my side that makes me uniquely me. There’s still lots of work to do on accepting it fully, but being able to see it without cringing is a big first step. Thank you, Danielle, for gently encouraging me to do this pose even though I was hesitant.”


october 2019