the eyes of the world are on you president trump.

as a woman, as a writer, and as a republican i will make just one statement on an election in which i have remained mostly silent. regardless which way you voted donald trump is the future president of the united states of america. period. when president obama won both terms i was devastated and straight up terrified for our country. that being said i still called him my president. i still prayed for his success and i sure as hell didn’t take to the streets of new york city to burn the american flag or spray paint swastika symbols on business store fronts.

america today is on bended knee

i watch this every year and encourage you to do the same. watch it with your children. feel the pain we all felt that day. remember those who were lost. remember the feeling of coming together. remember how proud we felt to be americans. to be resilient. to be free. god bless the souls of the men and women who perished on that fateful day. god bless the brave troops who fought and still fight to defend this great nation. god bless the united states of america.