Amy Helm—Lighting the Way

Amy Helm is many things. She is a gorgeous singer, an accomplished songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, a Grammy award-winning producer, and daughter of Levon Helm (The Band) and Libby Titus (singer). But perhaps more than anything else, Amy Helm is an absolute artist’s artist. She has spent the better portion of her life creating music and performing both alongside and in front of extraordinary musicians and singers. In 2004, Amy and her father began Midnight Rambles at the Levon Helm Studio Barn at his home in Woodstock, N.Y. Fifteen years later, the Midnight Rambles continue to offer artists a unique space to come together to perform for intimate audiences and even enjoy homemade food as a community.

Of Monsters and Men: Hooked on a Feeling

The world first fell in love with Of Monsters and Men in 2011 when the band launched their debut studio album My Head Is An Animal. Their smash hit “Little Talks” skyrocketed the group to superstardom. In the years since, Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir (vocals/ guitar), Ragnar Þórhallsson (vocals/ guitar), Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson (drums/ percussion), Brynjar Leifsson (guitar), and Kristján Páll Kristjánsson (bass) have been selling out arenas, building their own Icelandic studio, and following a wonderfully weird sound experimentation trajectory. On July 26, Of Monsters and Men released Fever Dream, their third studio album with Republic Records.

the eyes of the world are on you president trump.

as a woman, as a writer, and as a republican i will make just one statement on an election in which i have remained mostly silent. regardless which way you voted donald trump is the future president of the united states of america. period. when president obama won both terms i was devastated and straight up terrified for our country. that being said i still called him my president. i still prayed for his success and i sure as hell didn’t take to the streets of new york city to burn the american flag or spray paint swastika symbols on business store fronts.

Concert Review: Counting Crows 8.29.15 The Aquarian Weekly. November 25, 2015

The band ripped the brilliantly reverent “Mercy” as the crowd fell silent. “Earthquake Driver,” “Elvis Went To Hollywood,” and “Cover Up the Sun” each showcased the well-oiled, self-proclaimed touring machine that is Counting Crows. “God of Ocean Tides,” the first song written for the new album, resembled traditional Counting Crows with a raw and hauntingly beautiful twist.