An Interview with Nicole Atkins: The Former Asbury Park Princess Reflects on Writing, Singing, and Staying Sober

First there was Aretha. Then there was Amy. Now there is Atkins. With her rich, soulful voice, her penchant for yesteryear, and her relentless reverence for the forefathers (and foremamas) of rock, Nicole Atkins weaves her way into the hearts and guts of everyone lucky enough to watch her perform. Atkins’ spectacularly honest new album, Goodnight Rhonda Lee, pairs overwhelming raw talent with pure, can’t be contained, naked emotion. The album’s 11 songs beautifully battle complex themes of sobriety, transition, isolation and to quote the artist herself, “bad behavior.”


An Interview With Poison: Rikki Rockett On Poison’s Upcoming Tour And On Looking At Life Through A New Lens

After nearly 10 years, the explosive rock band Poison is set to headline a tour through the United States and Canada. The upcoming shows will celebrate Poison’s greatest hits and fan favorites including “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” “Talk Dirty To Me,” “Nothin’ But A Good Time,” “Something To Believe In,” and “Unskinny Bop.” With seven studio, four live, and five compilation albums to their name, Poison has amassed an enormous following of die-hard fans.


and the mets will WIN!

i wish i could somehow show this photo to myself ten years ago.

“chill. you will find a GORGEOUS man. a good man. and you will have a baby boy with curly blonde hair and crystal clear blue eyes. and they will both love you so much that they root for the mets.


so wonderfully ours

to my hunny on your second birthday,

two. oh my. my boy, my heart, my world. you are two. how can this be? on one hand i can hardly believe two whole years have passed since we met. on the other it seems like an entire lifetime ago when it was just me and baba and snoop dogg.


keep f*cking going.

today was the longest of my marathon training runs. this week and in particular this run have been glaring up at me from my training calendar for the last six months.


i come back to the pavement.

i ran sixteen of the slowest miles any human being has ever traveled on friday. by the time i crossed the threshold into my house i was utterly defeated. my pace is no where near where it once was.