a big ball of wonderful

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over the top nonsensical situations

on our fourth date, i dragged anthony to a cypress hill show with my girlfriends. the date proved to be one of those “you can’t make this stuff up” kind of nights. at one point entertainers on stage smoked weed out of a seven foot long bong while a dj battled a bongo player and my girlfriend silently threw up in the grass.


we are merely guests

i believed myself immune to the spontaneous natural happenings… unable to be fazed by the mini moments of wonder occurring almost constantly in my own backyard. my family moved to the house i live in now before i began kindergarten. as we drove up to the house for the first time, i asked my parents why there was green carpet outside the house.


“those who tell the stories rule the world.”

.hopi american indian proverb sometimes attributed to plato

oh baby

This weekend New Jersey experienced unseasonably warm Indian Summer temperatures. To take advantage of weather, the mister and I met Donna, her husband Pierre, and their baby boy Mateo at the New Jersey Botanical Gardens.


3:45 Dead on Arrival

My mama invited me to hear a motivational speaker at an event her employer was hosting. I went without any expectations, but within minutes was blown away. Inside the nearly two hour talk, I learned a lot about Kathy Buckley, and surprisingly a lot about myself.


come as you are

When asked to defined morecowbell, I always explain this site as a documentation of my journey towards living life louder. More than a tagline for my website, “living life louder” is a personal mantra. A reminder to stay true to myself. keep the funk alive. fuel the fire which burns under my skin. be more colorful.


“I fall in love every day. Not with people, but with situations.”

.amy winehouse
(amy would be thirty one years old today.)

to bear witness

A sunset rocked me. It was not an obligatory; “i may never see the dark spill over jerusalem again so I will soak in every second” moments. It was simply one of those skies that startled me. Unexpectedly rattled me to my core. A landscape splashed with a golden rose, impossibly magical hue, which only presents itself when we need it most.


america today is on bended knee

i watch this every year and encourage you to do the same. watch it with your children. feel the pain we all felt that day. remember those who were lost. remember the feeling of coming together. remember how proud we felt to be americans. to be resilient. to be free. god bless the souls of the men and women who perished on that fateful day. god bless the brave troops who fought and still fight to defend this great nation. god bless the united states of america.