The Former Self-Proclaimed, “Garage Band King” Andrew McMahon Has Found His Greatest Success “In The Wilderness” The Aquarian Weekly. June 29, 2016

Many of us in the dawn of our thirties are still proud to call Andrew McMahon our Garage Band King. Fourteen years ago when Something Corporate hit the scene McMahon belted the words, which echoed in the anxious hearts of skinny jean wearing “Babies of the ’80s” who “just didn’t fit in.” In turn, we poured into smoky venues, faces smeared with eyeliner and expectation that for a few hours we “could feel complete.”

Concert Review: Counting Crows 8.29.15 The Aquarian Weekly. November 25, 2015

The band ripped the brilliantly reverent “Mercy” as the crowd fell silent. “Earthquake Driver,” “Elvis Went To Hollywood,” and “Cover Up the Sun” each showcased the well-oiled, self-proclaimed touring machine that is Counting Crows. “God of Ocean Tides,” the first song written for the new album, resembled traditional Counting Crows with a raw and hauntingly beautiful twist.